Documents Needed For Singapore Employment Pass Application

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The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a visa issued to foreign entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managing directors in order to allow them to setup and personally manage their business in the country.  Also, supervisors and managers, "key employees," professionals, and workers with a specialized skill can also apply for EP as their work visa.

For professionals and "key employees," these are the basic requirements for Singapore Employment Pass application:

● A fixed monthly salary rate of at least S$2,500

● A recognized college degree from a reputable school

● Professional qualifications

● Specialized skills and talents

● Several years of work-related experience

Other than the above-mentioned four factors, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also decides according to the applicant's age, current citizenship, and his roles and responsibilities in a company.

Contrary to the erroneous notion, possessing the required educational criteria does necessarily make a person eligible for EP.  What is true is that MOM also grants gives this work visa to those applicants who have outstanding professional skills and qualifications even if they fall short in the educational criteria.

This work visa consists of three categories which are primarily based on the applicants' fixed monthly salary rate:

● P1 Pass – this is issued to individuals who are earning a monthly salary rate of more than S$7,000.

● P2 Pass – this is given to foreign applicants who have a fixed monthly salary that ranges between S$3,500 and S$7,000.

● Q1 Pass – for individuals earning not less than S$2,500 as fixed monthly salary

There are cases in which MOM will reject applications that lack supporting documents.  Fortunately, applicants can file for an appeal and provide the agency with additional records showing their eligibility for EP. Reviewing the appeal generally takes more than three weeks.

In case of change in employers, it is important for EP holders to immediately notify MOM which will then review their professional qualifications, employer credentials, and work-related. It is not necessary for EP holders to cancel their existing work pass since the agency will do this for them as soon as they have been approved with their new visa.

Meanwhile, the EP should be renewed every two or three years (depending on its validity to a certain individual).  MOM will send a notification two months before the visa expires and shall require the holder to renew his pass four weeks before its expiration.

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Documents Needed For Singapore Employment Pass Application

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